Welcome to Arachnoiditis Society for Awareness and Prevention.

It is our heartfelt goal to provide the most reliable and accurate information, the most current news, and support. A.S.A.P is dedicated to bringing the Arachnoiditis communities together under a single banner so we as victims can share a loud voice that for once will be heard!

We strive to promote awareness throughout the world. By liaising with Government's, teaching hospitals, Doctors and surgeons office's and Medical Societies Our Cure is in it's prevention!

We aspire to educate the world on this devastating condition that is far to often Iatrogenic in cause and only death releases the untold victims from this Horrible fate. Education is key to better coping with the pain and bizarre symptoms, or to better understand how to care for someone with Arachnoiditis.

A.S.A.P will proudly Advocate for all the Victims and their families the world over to bring your voice to those who will listen with the goal to change many of the wrongs that still are committed.

We will fight for better Diagnoses, better treatments, dignified treatment by the medical community! No longer will we be treated with outlandish disrespect after our lives have been changed to that of pain!.

If you have Arachnoiditis, Please join A.S.A.P, and have your voice be heard!